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  • Tips for the maintenance of the operating room door

    Tips for the maintenance of the operating room door

    If you talk about the most important part of the hospital, it must be the operating room. Usually, in order to ensure that it will not be affected during the operation, the hospital will install the operating room door to ensure a good operating environment during the operation. Therefore, in ord...
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  • Hospital door manufacturers analyze the performance of Hospital doors

    Hospital door manufacturers analyze the performance of Hospital doors

    Because it is used on clinic doors, Hospital door manufacturers must strictly follow the customer’s application requirements for door production and processing when producing Hospital doors. So what performance of the door produced can meet the requirements of medical staff? Next, we will u...
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  • The Hospital door New standard

    The Hospital door New standard

    The medical door is a special field door, which is now installed in hospitals and other health service places. Compared with doors installed in general households, the standards for medical doors are stricter. With the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the hospital’s germ isolation requir...
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  • How choose the color of Hospital door?

    How choose the color of Hospital door?

    Walking into the hospital, we will find that white is the most common color design in medical spaces. This design style is usually interpreted as a symbol of professionalism, purity, cleanliness and sacredness in architectural color science. From the analysis of visual effects, white can enhance ...
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  • How to choose a reliable hospital door factory?

    How to choose a reliable hospital door factory?

    With the popularity of the hospital door industry, many companies are now manufacturing such products. Moreover, there are many more hospital door factory on the market. Under such circumstances, customers often ask how to choose a reliable hospital door factory? Of course, our suggestion is to b...
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  • Introduction of the Hospital door

    Door-as the entrance to the connecting passages of various functional areas, as the entrance for communication between doctors and patients, its functionality, decoration and rationality have increasingly become a topic of deep concern for professional designers and builders. At the same time, in...
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  • Three guarantees for the operating room door

    The operating room door has a great effect. The exterior of the operating room door is generally made of stainless steel plate, including the size, height, width, and thickness. There are fixed requirements, and the keel is installed inside. Due to the different types of rays in each department, ...
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  • The Hospital door control device’s three ways

    When making many ward doors, many different control methods are used. Therefore, for the maintenance of the ward door, there are certain requirements in terms of safety performance, and some knowledge is needed. Currently on the market, the control methods of ward door transmission mainly include...
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  • How Much of the Hospital for your choose?

    I believe that many customers who want to buy hospital operating room doors will have a question, that is, what is the price of hospital operating room doors, because there are many different prices in the market now, making customers a little confused when choosing. In fact, choosing a hospital ...
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  • How to choose High Quality Hospital door.

    The current hospital environment is more complicated and special because it has high quality requirements in all aspects of material selection, especially in door requirements. With the general increase in domestic hospital conditions, more and more hospitals will Choose...
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  • The standards and characteristics of hospital doors

    Hospital is a relatively special and complex place. Our hospitals have undergone earth-shaking changes from “small, broken, and chaotic” in the past to “large, clean, and efficient” now. Hospitals are paying more and more attention to the construction of medical environmen...
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  • Epidemic prevention construction in the post-epidemic era-Moenke Medical Door

    The new crown virus has been raging for nearly two years. According to past experience, it should be coming to an end soon, but he does not seem to stop at all. It may be his last struggle, or it may be the last calm of the peak an...
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